Wine Disease Detection

Winegrowing in Baden and the Palatinate is an integral part of the collective identity of these regions. In the coming years and decades, the economic fate of the viniculture will be shaped by climate change and its consequences like that of hardly any other economic sector. This complex problem includes the spread of certain bacterial and fungal diseases in the vineyard as well as research into resistance to those diseases. Thus, we decided on a use case in the field of disease control in vineyards. We set ourselves the task of using computer vision to enable reliable detection of important vine diseases and implementing this on an edge computer, the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. In viticulture, there are a number of different diseases that affect the vine and are partly responsible for quality or quantity losses in the harvest. The amount of recognizable, relevant diseases can be limited to two essential ones: Peronospora (Pero) and Esca disease.